QUICtools Enterprise – Media Management & Workflow Platform

QUICtools Enterprise is our core media management and workflow platform and forms the basis for all our other products. The result of over eight years of development, QUICtools is in daily use at dozens of broadcasters sites around the world.


Standard Features

Out of the box, QUICtools provides a comprehensive range of media management, movement and processing capabilities for connected video server systems. Our desktop client delivers the ideal environment for managing your media and workflows and contains a plethora of time saving features.

To enable you to build systems that almost run themselves, QUICtools includes powerful automation features including:

  • metadata triggering
  • watch folders
  • scheduler


For many users, the standard QUICtools feature set offers more than enough justification for investing in the platform. However, the real power of QUICtools is unlocked via its unique extensibility.

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QUICtools has been designed from the ground up to provide a framework for implementing customer specific requirements without the need to make changes within the core product itself.  Our extensive plugin architecture permits virtually any part of the solution to be extended.  Specific examples can be found in our Customer Stories.

Within the client, customer specific user interface elements seamlessly integrate with the standard features to such an extent that they are virtually indistinguishable to the end user.  At the server level, workflows and hosted processes facilitate integration with third party systems or handle background processing tasks.  Finally, a comprehensive API enables external systems to connect to, interrogate and control the QUICtools system.

QUICTools ESB Drawings - Page 4

Our philosophy on extensibility and customisation is at the very heart of how we operate and allows solutions to be built using QUICtools that are powerful, cost effective, reliable and easy to maintain.


Scalable Architecture

QUICtools is designed to scale.  At its smallest, all the elements of a useable system can easily be accommodated on a single server.  At the other extreme, multiple servers working in parallel can provide virtually unlimited scalability and media processing capacity.

Communication between the QUICtools modules is also massively scalable.  For small to medium installations, direct communication between the modules delivers a cost effective solution.

For larger systems, or those requiring very high availability levels, a service bus architecture (as shown above) ensures that no single node failure can result in loss of functionality.

In multi-site environments, distributed technologies like our QUICtools Router allow multiple, stand-alone, systems to appear as a single, unified solution while maintaining local fault tolerance.

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