Changing MAM… Again?
Breaking up doesn’t need to be hard to do

If you are a second or third generation MAM customer with operations in news and sports, QUICTools and The Knowledge Lab can provide a new and simple way to streamline your MAM choice and implementation.

• Rapid consulting process to outline business and operational requirements and inform technology strategy
• Identify sources and locations of critical data – no matter how deeply buried or widely dispersed
• Collaborative facilitation process which allows your personnel to provide meaningful input toward the business and technology strategies
• Innovative presentation method which engages key stakeholders across all parts of the business

For second and third generation MAM customers, finding and working with a new partner can be difficult. Every MAM vendor has their own way of doing things which may require a wholesale change in the way that you  do business. In some cases this may be desirable but if you’ve already been through the process of a radical business transformation in the not too distant past, switching your MAM vendor can be an onerous process entailing seemingly unnecessary levels of technological and business change.

QUICTools and The Knowledge Lab have teamed up to offer a new service to streamline this process. Through our extensive experience of MAM implementations, both companies have come to realise that the process needn’t be as painful and messy as a bad divorce.

We’re offering a new approach to MAM choice and implementation.  One that respects your data and the way you keep it without forcing you to completely change the way you work to fit somebody else’s way of working.

This new approach takes the best of QUICTools’ know-how on broadcast technology and combines it with The Knowledge Lab’s years of experience providing services to major broadcast transformation programmes. What emerges from this mix of skills and expertise is a service that will remove the complexity from the process of switching MAM vendors.

At the core of this new service is The Knowledge Lab’s unique approach to understanding what makes a business tick. Honed while providing assistance with the transition to service at the end of a project – training, business, change, operational readiness – The Knowledge Lab’s methodology is now being applied at the early stages of a MAM selection process and implementation.

Our work starts with the premise that you shouldn’t have to completely change the way you store and manage your data just because you’re implementing a new system and it ends with a successful implementation of technology that will compliment and augment the way you do business now and in the future.