QUICtools and The Knowledge Lab get together to launch ‘TransforMAM’ at IBC


New consultancy service empowers media organizations to move to new MAM solutions pain-free

IBC, 9 September 2016, Stand 11.B30: QUICtools, the media management and workflow solutions provider, and The Knowledge Lab, the media business transformation consultancy, announced a new joint venture at IBC today – TransforMAM. TransforMAM is a unique consultancy service that empowers media organisations to transition to new media asset management solutions. This enables businesses to maximise returns from their media assets – simply, efficiently and painlessly.

Many media organisations are working around legacy MAM systems that fail to cope with today’s fast-turnaround, multi-platform delivery requirements. Reasons not to change are powerful: to move from legacy or end-of-life tape-based storage to now cost-effective, fast-access disk storage is seen as too large a challenge; with all staff working flat out to work-around legacy system workflow challenges, there is no effort to spare for change; or simply, the end-user fears loss of data and so revenue creation during the transition to a new MAM system.

TransforMAM eliminates these potential pitfalls, providing an impartial, end-to-end consultancy and operational MAM transformation service that enables media organisations to make the very most of their assets – whatever MAM platform they choose. The TransforMAM process leverages QUICtools’ extensive experience in providing joined up media management and workflows for customers such as Channel 7, Dolce Sports, SBS and Crossroads Television, and The Knowledge Lab’s proven media business transformation methodology with clients such as BBC, Foxtel and Sky Sports. TransforMAM includes:

• A fast, customer-focused consulting process to outline business and operational requirements and inform technology strategy
• Identifying sources and locations of critical data – no matter how deeply buried or widely dispersed
• A collaborative facilitation process which allows end-user personnel to provide meaningful input toward the business and technology strategies
• An innovative presentation method which engages key stakeholders across all parts of the business
• Format and location-agnostic media asset management from a simple, single interface
• Full training and oversight of the MAM implementation process
• Where required, seamless workflow connectivity via proven QUICtools applications

Kenny Munro, QUICtools Managing Director, said: “We know that businesses can find it difficult to begin a relationship with a new MAM partner. We’re offering an alternative approach – one that respects your data and the way you keep it; with TransforMAM, the data works for you – not the other way around. Through our extensive experience, QUICtools and The Knowledge Lab know what makes a successful technology change. TransforMAM starts with the premise that you shouldn’t have to completely change the way you store and manage your data just because you’re implementing a new system, and it ends with a successful implementation of technology that will complement and augment the way you do business now and in the future.”

Leith Gill Murgai, The Knowledge Lab, Director, said: “Leaving a long-term business partner is never easy. People change, technologies change yet legacy systems stick around. When that relationship is with an asset management vendor who holds the keys to your most valuable property – the content and the metadata which describes it – moving on is an even bigger challenge. TransforMAM will revolutionise new MAM implementation – it’s a business-led approach that understands the value of a customer’s assets, and will simplify and de-clutter second or third generation MAM projects. Transition doesn’t have to be difficult and using our vast global experience and operational knowledge, we are offering an easy way to manage the process and keep customers’ businesses moving.”

Senior staff from QUICtools and The Knowledge Lab will be on stand 11.B30 throughout IBC to discuss how TransforMAM can help media organisations through the complexities of a new MAM implementation. Whether visitors have years of experience with first or second generation MAM systems or are new to the technology, we guarantee our consultative approach will shepherd media organisations painlessly through the MAM jungle to a successful, cost-effective and highly productive future.

Further details are available at http://www.quictools.com/products/transformam/